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Games Amusement

 - 37 items found in your search
Games Amusement
   -Board Games
   -Card Games
   -Math Puzzles Etc.
   -Video Games

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True20 Bestiary, Balsley, Erica; Kaiser, Matthew E. (Creator)
1 True20 Bestiary

Balsley, Erica; Kaiser, Matthew E. (Creator) 
2006 Green Ronin Publishing
Paperback Near Fine; Nice Firm Clean copy ! 192 pages. 10.5 x 8.25 x .5 1932442685 / 9781932442687
Price: 13.90 USD
2 Experiments in Optical Illusion

Beeler, Nelson Frederick 
1st Edition. 1st Printing. 1951 Crowell
Hardcover Very Good; Good+. Nice Firm Clean copy ! Light general wear. Jacket has edge wear, short tears. 114 pages. 8vo 7.75 - 9.75'' tall B0006ASNLW
Price: 17.23 USD
The Ultimate Edge, Billings, Mark
3 The Ultimate Edge

Billings, Mark 
2009 BookSurge Publishing
Paperback Very Fine; Nice Firm Clean copy ! Unmarked. 434 pages. 9 x 6 x .98 1439215928 / 9781439215920
Price: 14.39 USD
4 Original Charades

Briggs, Le Baron Russell 
1st Edition. 1891 C. Scribner's Sons
Hardcover Near Fine; 1st Printing. Nice Firm copy ! Previous owner name. Hinges excellent, no foxing. 72 pages. New York, NY 12mo 6.75 - 7.75'' tall B00086YE6C
Price: 28.75 USD
5 Bridge With Dora

Brown, Joihn 
1st Edition. 1965 Gerald Duckworth
Hardcover Near Fine; Very Good. 1st Printing. Nice Firm Clean copy ! Jacket has light edge wear. 172 pages. 12mo 6.75 - 7.75'' tall B000WHWJYQ
Price: 7.20 USD
6 The laws and principles of whist: Stated and explained and its practice illustrated on an original system by means of hands played completely through

1892 T. De La Rue
Hardcover Good+; No Jacket (as issued). 20th Edition. 1 board tip bumped. 305 pages. 12mo 6.75 - 7.75'' tall B0012ZOHXS
Price: 13.63 USD
7 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Signature Series Strategy Guide (Bradygames Signature Guides)

Dale, Stacy; Dan Noel 
2009 Brady Games
Paperback Good+; Moderate general wear. Rear cover is creased. 320 pages. 10.88 x 8.52 x .65 0744011167 / 9780744011166
Price: 31.35 USD
Auction Bridge Up-To-Date (Dalton on Auction Bridge), Dalton, W.
8 Auction Bridge Up-To-Date (Dalton on Auction Bridge)

Dalton, W. 
1st Edition. 1909 Thomas De La Rue & Co. Ltd.
Hardcover Very Good; No Jacket (as issued). Ex-Library, Few Markings. 1st Printing. Olive green cloth, gold lettering, all page ends gold gilt, endpapers red woven rope motif. Light general wear. 210 pages. Containing the laws of auction bridge, as framed by a joint committee of the Portland and Bath clubs, and approved and adopted by the committee of the Portland club. This work was originally intended to appear as a second edition of 'Auction Bridge' , published in 1908; but on going over that book for revision, it was necessary to alter it so materially, that it was determined to publish a new book on the game, under the present title. London, UK 16mo 5.75 - 6.75'' tall B0040GN5KW
Price: 283.20 USD
9 Shattered Dreams

Dorn, Christopher; Erickson, Timothy R.; Grau, Matthew D.; Johnstone, Lance P. 
1994 Apex Publications
Paperback Near Fine; Nice Firm Clean copy ! 143 pages. 4to 9.75 - 12'' tall B002M2DNA8
Price: 7.20 USD
10 The Money Spinner: Monte Carlo & Its Fabled Casino

Fielding, Xan 
1st Edition. 1977 Little Brown
Hardcover Very Good; Good. Nice Firm Clean copy ! Light general wear. Jacket has edge wear, tears. 205 pages. 8vo 7.75 - 9.75'' tall 0297772015 / 9780297772019
Price: 64.76 USD
11 Star Wars Luke Skywalker Bobble Head

2008 Funko
Game Very Fine; Excellent condition. In unopened but slightly worn box. 6.69 x 2.76 x 2.76 B00132CM2S
Price: 57.55 USD
12 Carny Sideshows: Weird Wonders of the Midway

Gangi, Tony 
2010 Citadel
Paperback Very Fine; Nice Firm Clean copy ! 256 pages. 8.9 x 5.9 x 0.9 0806531347 / 9780806531342
Price: 7.20 USD
13 Pro rated longshots: A proven method for selecting longshot winners

Geer, Dan 
1975 Parker Pub. Co
Paperback Fine; Good+. Nice Firm Clean copy ! 155 pages. 9.1 x 6.2 x .8 0137315546 / 9780137315543
Price: 11.92 USD
14 Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective: Game Book

Grady, Gary; Suzanne Goldberg; Raymond Edwards 
1981 Sleuth Publications
Binder New; Crisp Firm Clean copy ! 214 pages. 10.7 x 9.7 x 1.9 B000E1W0SK
Price: 56.59 USD
15 Basic Techniques of Go

Harama, 8-dan Nagahara, 6-dan 
6th Printing. 1980 Ishi Press
Paperback Very Good; Nice Firm Clean copy ! Unmarked. Light general wear. 169 pages. Tokyo, Japan 8vo 7.75 - 9.75'' tall B00125XQ7Q
Price: 12.05 USD
16 A History of Playing Cards and a Bibliography of Cards and Gaming

Hargrave, Catherine Perry 
1st Edition. 1st Printing. 1930 Houghton Mifflin Co.
Hardcover Very Good; No Jacket. Nice Firm Clean copy ! Light general wear. 468 pages. Boston, MA Folio 12 - 15'' tall B000GKPZKE
Price: 134.35 USD
17 Basic Techniques of Go

Haruyama Isamu, 6-dan & Nagahara Yoshiaki, 3-dan 
2nd Printing 1971 The Ishi Press
Hardcover Very Good; Good+. Nice Firm Clean copy ! Light general wear. Jacket has 1 short tear. 169 pages. Tokyo, Japan 8vo 7.75 - 9.75'' tall B000HTOXO8
Price: 13.38 USD
18 Herrmann's Wizards' Manual: A Practical Treatise on Coin Tricks, Card Tricks, Sleight Of Hand, Illusions, Black Art Mind Reading, Spirit Mediumship, Ventriloquism, Etc.

Herrmann, Alexander 
Revised Edition. 1916 Shrewesbury Publishing
Paperback Good; Illustrated. Moderate general wear. Front cover upper tip missing large section, cover edges worn. 150 pages. Chicago, IL 12mo 6.75 - 7.75'' tall B007OFYWR6
Price: 33.80 USD
19 The Game of Modern Ombre; it's Rules and Regulations, with Practical Hints for Beginners, and Suggestions for More Advanced Players According to Hobah

1874 A. Williams and Co.
Hardcover Near Fine; Deep blue-purple cloth, gold decor, beveled boards. Nice Firm copy ! 64 pages. Ombre, English corruption of the Spanish word Hombre, arising from the muting of the H in Spanish, is a fast-moving seventeenth-century trick-taking card game for three players. Its history began in Spain around the end of the 16th Century as a four person game. It is one of the earliest card games known in Europe and by far the most classic game of its type, directly ancestral to Euchre, Boston and Solo Whist. Despite its difficult rules, complicated point score and strange foreign terms, it swept Europe in the last quarter of the 17th century, becoming Lomber in Germany, Lumbur in Austria and Ombre in England, occupying a position of prestige similar to contract bridge today. Boston, MA 24mo 5 - 5.75'' tall B009UZSLUM
Price: 95.89 USD
20 The Unmasking of Robert Houdin. Together with a Treatise on handcuff Secrets

Houdini, Harry 
1909 Routledge
Hardcover Very Good; No Jacket. Nice Firm Clean copy ! Light general wear. Rebound in red cloth with gold lettering. 333 + 110 pages. 12mo 6.75 - 7.75'' tall B0061WGN7A
Price: 336.00 USD
21 Mind Twist Game

2007 Imagination
Game Very Fine; Unopened box. Box is rubbed, light wear. 10.39 x 10.35 x 3.19 B000PWU3YG
Price: 12.43 USD
22 The Collected Almanac

Kaufman, Richard 
4th Printing. 1992 Kaufman & Company
Hardcover Near Fine; No Jacket (as issued). Nice Firm copy ! Previous owner name. 398 pages. L 4to 9.75 - 12'' tall B000OLZ7LM
Price: 76.75 USD
23 LEGO BIONICLE Keetongu 

2006 LEGO
Toy Very Fine; Excellent condition. Unopened, worn box. 11.31 x 9.5 x 2.37 B0007PHP0G
Price: 26.78 USD
24 Active Games and Contests

Mason, Bernard S.; Elmer D. Mitchell 
1st Edition. 1935 A.S. Barnes and Company
Hardcover Good; No Jacket. 1st Printing. Moderate general wear. 600 pages. 9.2 x 6.1 x 1.3 B000PRKZ6W
Price: 7.20 USD
25 Fundamentals of Oldcastle Sword and Shield

Oldcastle, Duke Gyrth; Gerald O'Leary, Debra G. Reames (Illus.) 
1991 Gerald O'Leary
Paperback Good+; Moderate general wear. 64 pages. 4to 9.75 - 12'' tall B000TOJVKC
Price: 240.00 USD
26 Four Ball Juggling: From Simple Patterns to Advanced Theory

Probert, Martin 
1995 Books For Dillons Only
Paperback Very Fine; Nice Firm Clean copy ! Unmarked. 202 pages. 8.11 x 5.83 x .71 0952486008 / 9780952486008
Price: 59.77 USD
27 Magical Adventures and Fairy Tales

1st Edition. 1988 Exclusive Magical Publications
Hardcover Very Good; Very Good. 1st Printing. Only 500 printed. Limited/Numbered #491. Nice Firm Clean copy ! Light general wear. 92 pages. 8vo 7.75 - 9.75'' tall B0006ESQ6U
Price: 187.20 USD
Giants: Citizen Kabuto PS2: Sybex Official Strategies & Secrets, Radcliffe, Doug
28 Giants: Citizen Kabuto PS2: Sybex Official Strategies & Secrets

Radcliffe, Doug 
2001 Sybex Inc
Paperback Near Fine; Nice Firm Clean copy ! 128 pages. 10.84 x 8.42 x .26 0782129323 / 9780782129328
Price: 7.20 USD
Staff Manual: A Supplement for Asylum, Rosenberg, Aaron; Kolker, Alex
29 Staff Manual: A Supplement for Asylum

Rosenberg, Aaron; Kolker, Alex 
1997 Clockworks
Paperback Very Good; Nice Firm Clean copy ! Light general wear. 124 pages. 11.03 x 8.33 x .37 1892544016 / 9781892544018
Price: 16.24 USD
30 Re:form Anti-work Book

Soupiset, Paul (Illustrator) 
2010 Spark House
Binder Very Good; Nice Firm Clean copy ! Unmarked. Light general wear. 8vo 7.75 - 9.75'' tall 1451400829 / 9781451400823
Price: 54.86 USD
31 Izmir 1939 International Fair August 20 - September 20

The Izmir International Fair 
1939 Ahmed Ihsan / IEF
Paperback Very Good; Photo Pamphlet for the IXth International Fair of Izmir, Turkey. Staplebound. Nice Clean copy ! Light general wear. 22 pages. Istanbul, Turkey 8vo 7.75 - 9.75'' tall B001HV5EM0
Price: 38.35 USD
32 The Bridge Adventures of Androcles MacThick

Theimer, Ernst 
Signed by Author on Title page with Presentatio 1st Edition. 1981 Ernst Theimer
Paperback Near Fine; Signed by Author on Title page with Presentation notation. 1st Printing. inscription: 'To Dorothy/ with best wishes/ Ernst.' Nice Firm Clean copy ! 247 pages. Rumson, NJ 8vo 7.75 - 9.75'' tall B002A11NZI
Price: 67.15 USD
33 Assassin's Creed: The Essential Guide

Ubisoft; Murphy-Hiscock, Arin 
2016 Ubisoft Publishing
Hardcover Near Fine; Very Good. Nice Firm Clean copy ! 216 pages. 11.87 x 9.87 x .9 1945210044 / 9781945210044
Price: 13.58 USD
34 Contract bridge: Bidding and the club convention

Vanderbilt, Harold Stirling 
2nd Printing 1929 C. Scribner's sons
Hardcover Good+; No Jacket. Published July 1929, reprinted August 1929. Scarce. Red cloth, gold lettering. Moderate general wear. A few pages in middle show moisture wrinkling. 251 pages. Harold Stirling Vanderbilt (1884-1970) was an American railroad executive, a champion yachtsman, and a champion bridge player. In 1930, Harold achieved the pinnacle of yacht racing success by defending the America's Cup in the J-class yacht Enterprise. His victory put him on the cover of the September 15, 1930, issue of Time magazine. Vanderbilt was also a card game enthusiast who, in 1925, helped develop the scoring system by which the game of contract bridge supplanted auction bridge in popularity. Three years later, he heavily endowed the Vanderbilt Trophy which goes to the winners of the national team-of-four championship. In 1932, and again in 1940, he was part of a team that won his own trophy. He also penned several books on the subject of bridge. Vanderbilt also invented the first forcing club bidding system which has perennially dominated world championship play ever since. Nottingham Club, Neapolitan Club, Blue Club, Precision Club, and other strong forcing club systems are an outgrowth of the Vanderbilt Club. The rapid spread of contract bridge from 1926 to 1929 is largely attributable to Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt's technical contributions were even greater. He devised the first unified system of bidding, and was solely responsible for the artificial 1*C* bid to show a strong hand, the negative 1*D* response, the strong (16-to-18 point) notrump on balanced hands only, and the weak two-bid opening. 'Contract Bridge Bidding and the Club Convention' is his first bridge book. 12mo 6.75 - 7.75'' tall B000857ZZU
Price: 80.35 USD
35 Poker: a Guaranteed Income for Life by Using the Advanced Concepts of Poker

Wallace, Frank R. 
1968 I & O Publishing
Hardcover Very Good; Very Good. Nice Firm Clean copy ! Light general wear. Black jacket has light rubbing, 1 tiny tear. 275 pages. A complete manual of behavior, tactics and strategy. 8vo 7.75 - 9.75'' tall B0006BWZCE
Price: 7.20 USD
36 The Favorite Book Of Drills. Original Drills And Marches For Boys And Girls Of All Ages

Willard, E. M. 
1907 Denison
Paperback Good; Nice Tight copy ! Previous owner name on front cover. Light general wear. 105 pages. 12mo 6.75 - 7.75'' tall B0013CJ7B2
Price: 24.71 USD
37 The Compleat Strategyst

Williams, J.D. 
5th Printing. 1954 McGraw-Hill Book Co.
Hardcover Fine; Fine. Nice Firm Clean copy ! Unmarked. 234 pages. 8vo 7.75 - 9.75'' tall B01NBHZLXI
Price: 28.75 USD
................................................................RARE BOOK ROOM............................................................................
Auction Bridge Up-To-Date (Dalton on Auction Bridge), Dalton, W.
Auction Bridge Up-To-Date (Dalton on Auction Bridge)
Dalton, W.
283.20 USD
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The Unmasking of Robert Houdin. Together with a Treatise on handcuff Secrets
Houdini, Harry
336.00 USD
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Auction Bridge Up-To-Date (Dalton on Auction Bridge), Dalton, W.
Auction Bridge Up-To-Date (Dalton on Auction Bridge)
Dalton, W.
283.20 USD
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The Unmasking of Robert Houdin. Together with a Treatise on handcuff Secrets
Houdini, Harry
336.00 USD
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Les Sciences Maudites
Redonnel, Paul; Jolivet-Castelot; Edouard D'Hooghe; Victor Emile Michelet; Et Al
432.00 USD
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