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Welcome to the home of BookScene.  We are located in coastal New England. Our online catalog is formed from the purchase of large private book collections from serious collectors. These vital collections, built over the span of many years and many interests, provide great depth to our offerings.


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Items are carefully cataloged into 67 supercategories and 539 subcategories for concise browsing. Our categories slowly evolve over time as collections are added and individual books are purchased and shipped. A new category is Music CD, to which we are adding 100's of classical music discs. And a new collection has arrived which will add many volumes to our Books on Books and Media/Performing Arts sections. We have recently added History:Poland and Arts/Literature:Poland to our Browse function, and are currently populating these  two subjects.


Rare Book Room


Our Rare Book room, featured on our homepage, has fascinating, unique items, which are usually the only one of their kind on the market. Many rare items will be added as research time allows.